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The Ramayana
Indian Shadow Puppet Show

This performance is available each year throughout the months of October and November to coincide with the Hindu Festival of Divali

The  Ramayana is an ancient Indian legend traditionally performed at Divali – festival of light.  The triumph of good over evil is celebrated through the exciting story of the kidnapping of Princess Sita by the terrible ten-headed demon Ravana and her dramatic rescue by Prince Rama with the help of the loyal Hanuman, a monkey with supernatural powers.  

The performance is an original interpretation, full of wisdom, romance and action, with gods, demons and animals coming to life through shadow theatre and storytelling

Since 1990 Diana, has frequently worked with Indian puppeteers, dancers, musicians and artists and her performance combines ancient traditions and Indian designs with modern lighting techniques to create mysterious shadow effects and powerful drama. 

"Myself and the staff were impressed by your presentation, your professionalism and your obvious enjoyment of your work. It is a long time since I saw such a good quality performance in school. Thank you for a beautiful moment in all our lives"
Reevy Hill First School, Buttershaw, Bradford.

The performance lasts 50 mins.       

Get in – 1. 5 hours.  Get out  -  40 mins

  • Reasonable black out required 

  • Performance space - 3 metres deep x 4 metres wide

Here is an ideal opportunity for schools to develop work on cultural differences as set out in the National Curriculum for P.S.E. KS1 & KS2.
For one class a session consists of:

  • a demonstration of the technique of shadow theatre

  • making a shadow puppet

  • learning manipulation and working with puppets on screen around themes from ‘The Ramayana’.

 All materials and an Education Pack  on India & Puppetry are provided.